Why B(io)logs?

After my students and I were nominated for an Edublog Award I received quite a few emails from educators asking me how I use the blog in my classes. I’ve even been asked to guest speak at a University education class! In order to open up the conversations I’ve been having with educators to¬†everyone¬†rather than keeping them confined to emails, I’ve created this blog.

So, why use blogs in biology education? My students answer that question best. The following are a few excerpts from a survey my 9th grade (14-15 year old) students completed yesterday after a full semester of blogging. They wrote these responses anonymously.

I learned a lot about biology and how it relates to our everyday life.

I learned more about biology and learned how to better use websites to communicate.

I improved my researching skills.

I now have a better understanding of the world around me and I got to see many issues around the world.

I improved my writing and analytical skills by responding to different posts and by answering different questions that the person who wrote the posts asked. I also learned new facts about different animals and many important current events.

I learned how beneficial student discussion is.

The blog project really helped me see the new advances made in science. It also helped me see my classmates opinions.

I learned about current events.

I benefited from this project because it helped me learn about topics that I probably would not have ever heard about if it were not for the blog.

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